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Welcome to PTCReferrals!

PTCReferrals is a free powerful downline builder that anyone can use to get referrals that earn you money. Our program will help you build your referral base quickly and efficiently to increase your earnings exponentially. The best part of our program is that it is absolutely FREE TO JOIN!

The way most people promote their sites is by using a referral link for each site. If someone joins using that referral link, you get only one signup for that particular site. However, by using our program you only need to promote your PTCReferrals website link instead and you can promote all your sites with just one link. This gives you the opportunity to get referrals at not just one site, but many sites with just a single link. You build Multiple Downlines at Multiple Sites by promoting just one referral link!

Membership Benefits

  • Get a FREE Replicated Splash Page with all YOUR referral IDs inserted
  • PTCReferrals Membership is absolutely 100% FREE to join!
  • We support the best PTC site programs available
  • Downline growth for potentially unlimited number of tiers - with all YOUR referral IDs
  • Free Flow-Through of your referral IDs for unlimited tiers of your PTCReferrals downline

How Our Program Works

  • How does it work? Our database keeps track of your site referral IDs and every person that is placed in your downline. You will receive referrals for your sites when anyone in your downline joins one our programs using the supplied link.
  • What If I Already Belong To Some of the Programs? No problem! You can enter your existing referral IDs into the database for the sites you already belong to.
  • How many new members can you refer? As many as possible. The more people you refer, the faster you build your downlines, the more money you make!

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